4oz. Muscle & Joint Bath Oil & Bath Gel Soak Lavender, Vanilla & Chamomile

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Our Muscle & Joint Pain Bath Oil & Bath Wash Gel is a foaming bath gel that has Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Menthol to help soothe away any Aching, Swollen  muscles or Joints!! 

Under running warm water, pour in approx 1-2 oz and allow to create foaming bubbles along with the Bath Salts. 

Once sitting & soaking in the tub Enjoy while the Epsom Salts & Gel penetrates thru your pores for proper a soothing effect. 

But please only for 15-20 mins!!! This will relax you and your Blood Vessels which will lower your Blood Pressure; So be careful standing & getting out of the tub. Along with the essential oils maybe a little slippery as well. 

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