Dry Brushing 3pc Kit

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This Is our Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil, Body Polishing Salt Scrub with  medium Hand Held soft bristles. With this kit when done on a regular basis; You would be able to help keep your body from building up excessive body fluid and swelling especially around your upper & lower extremities!!! Also maintaining your Immune System, decreasing muscle & joint pain & stiffness and increasing flexibility & range of motion.

 Dry Brushing is recommended to be done in the morning before a shower.  Apply a small to moderate amount of oil to the center of your brush and spread over the whole surface of the brush. Starting at the Neck & Shoulders towards the chest & heart. Moving to your hands going towards your armpits, moving to the sides of your chest towards the heart. 

Then moving to your feet & ankles towards your back of knees & up towards your inner thighs towards your bladder. Then finally from the belly button towards the bladder. All in short  circular strokes.  Followed by soft to moderate circular massages with your fingers on the same path.  This all should be done within 20-30 minutes. And can be done daily, 2-3 times per wk, or weekly or every 2 weeks.

Then after a shower or bath; apply a handful of salt scrub & rub together and allow to arms, shoulders, legs & feet and rub in circular motions to exfoliate your skin & then rinse well with warm water. Revealing smooth, soft moisturized skin. 

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