Relaxing Spa In a Bag

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Our Relaxing Home Spa in a Bag includes: 4oz Lymphatic Massage Oil, Bath Oil & Body Wash Gel, 8oz Epsom Salts Body Soak, Exfoliating Salt Scrub, Lg Lavender, Vanilla & Chamomile Candle with 2 accents Lavender candles all in a Decorative Matching Bag! Perfect Gift that keeps on giving by allowing time for Relaxation! 

Instructions:  Start off with Lightening the candles in the opened corners of the tub. 

Under running warm water sprinkle in 1-2 oz of bath salts followed by 1-2 oz of Bath Gel.  Using a Dry Brush apply a small-moderate amt  of massaging oil to your skin just prior to brushing to avoid skin irritation. Starting at the feet up towards the bladder and then abs & back towards the heart & then from the hands towards the armpits and finishing up from the sides of the neck towards the chest & heart. This should only brake approx 15 mins.   Once getting in the tub, soak by sitting in the tub under the water as much as possible But No Longer Than 15 - 20 mins. This Drops your B/P is soaking too long!!! Will cause dizziness & feeling lite headed! It will also detox your body of any toxins & reduce swelling, pain & inflammation.  After cleansing your body with the cleanser of your choice; apply a Nice size handful of Salt Scrub to your arms, back, legs & feet in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin for approx 1-2 mins then rinse with warm water.  Your all done!! Hope you’re relaxed & feeling relieved of any swelling or pain. Until Next time!!! 

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