Yoni (Vaginal) Cleansing Kit

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Our Vaginal Cleansing  Kit includes an All Natural Ph Vaginal Cleanser, Natural Moisturizer designed for your bodies vaginal natural Ph level & a package of 18 different all natural herbs that neutralizes your normal Ph and tightens your vaginal track, hydrating for extra lubricants during penetration. The All natural herbs also helps with Difficult Menstral cycles by assisting to ease heavy cramping & helps to regulate your frequency & duration of your cycle. Also because of regulating your bodies normal flora (vaginal juices) it corrects any dryness, or vaginal yeast infections. Also helps to tighten and/or shrink any external hemorrhoids.  The natural steam helps to migrate thru out your vaginal walls which can also help with any fertility issues that maybe be present.  Depending on your issue the frequency can be administered weekly until your issue has been relieved!!!


Ph Vaginal Cleanser- apply a small to moderate amount on a wash towel after wetting and cleanse your vagina from front to back in a scrubbing motion. Then rinse well with warm water. 

Vaginal Moisturizer Lotion- apply a small to moderate amount to the tip of an applicator sponge and apply to both the external & first inner portion of your vagina to moisturize both external labia and first inner portion of your vaginal wall.

Herbal Vaginal Steam- You will need 1 lg bath towel for draping, at least 32oz of boiling hot water, Yoni bowl, & the herbal blend mixture. Total time needed: 35-45 mins

Lift the toilet seat up and place the bowl inside the commode and place the toilet seat back down. Empty the herbal blend mixture into the empty bowl then followed by adding your boiling water and allow to simmer for 5 mins. 

Then you are to sit over the commode with your legs straddled to allow for proper steam flow thru your vaginal tract. You may have to lift up your bottom off the toilet until you are able to adjust to the heat!! Once your comfortable, remain sitting for 20 to 30 minutes or until cool.

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